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A truly sacred space built on love, with a vision of a sustainable reality for all! At the Inner Bliss Sanctuary, you will discover true heart-centered SOUL offerings!  This includes inspired art, higher learning, one-on-one sessions, group workshops, on-demand content, advanced training, and healthy alternatives, all delivered by a myriad of dedicated artists, teachers and guides! 

Inner Bliss is Your Sacred Space to...

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Yoga Classes - Meditation - Creative Healing Courses - Soul Body Reset Sessions

Our sanctuary offers a wide range of classes and courses available at your fingertips to remember the art of slowing down, engaging in stillness, and embracing your ability to be.

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Yoga Training - Ministry Training - Reiki Mastery Training - Interactive Live Art Classes

Looking for inspiration to dive deeper into your passion? Our dynamic trainings are the perfect opportunity to turn your passion into income to thrive with joy. 



Home School Mentorship - Intentional Relationship Sessions - Conscious Childbirth Series - Breath Activations

There is a fine balance between being and thriving that creates a deeper sense of wholeness. The Inner Bliss Sanctuary is your place of remembering, to expand your daily practices and connect skills that can optimize any situation in life!

Meet Some Instructors


Earth Unity

The New Earth branch is about creating and harmonizing a reality based in love.  Coming together as ONE people creating anew, on land and online.  Master the tools to build a sustainable life inside and out.


Sean Greentree

Sean is an experienced Yoga teacher that specializes in Anuttara Raja and Hatha Yoga.

Working with the breath will bring you ever more present.

Sean is honored to guide and practice with his students.

Jamie Satori

Jamie has been serving in her communities since 2014 - flowing between her roles as doula, educator, storyteller and ritualist. She is the owner and founder of Borderless Birth - a conscious birth company that was manifested as her work went international.

Joel Short

Joel is currently exploring a lifelong interest in copper art, drawn to it by the color and inner glow, along with its ability to be formed and the myriad possibilities for coloring by patinas. The focus of his creative efforts is the 5000 year old craft of repoussé.

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Embrace the Flow

Integrate your body through many ways of movement, becoming more flexible in mind and body. 


Empower the love of Self to enhance the growth of your relationships

Family & Relationships

Raffles & Auctions

We all THRIVE together!

Join our raffles and auctions.  Support the vision and community. 

Valued at $85, get a chance to win this beautiful, handcrafted, acrylic painted and resin laminate clock as low as just $1.00 in this raffle.

Open to all instructors, students and non-members.

By: Polly Charette

Mindful Expansion

Go within and explore the many types of healing modalities. Deepening your Inner Bliss is an ever-evolving journey, one that involves going deep into understanding yourself, connecting with yourself, and, as a result, enriching your relationships with the external world. 


Love Your Food


Food is nature’s medicine.  Find out more about how food and healing connect.  Oh boy, are you ready to fall In love with food?  This channel is filled with yummy ways to love your body and connect with your food. Meet vegan chefs, nutritionists, herbalists and so many more plant educators. 



Connect With All Types of Artists And Musicians

Embrace the beauty of life with a myriad of dedicated artists and musicians.  Immerse yourself in a community of creativity. 

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The Certificate Training channel is dedicated to your evolution as a teacher. When you feel compelled to study your passion more deeply, this calling is a gift you can offer humanity. By investing in yourself, you invest in the long term improvement of the planet. Plus, you expand your ability to financially and personally support yourself.


& Trainings




Extra Content & Live Stream Classes


Make yourself at home. Enjoy your community chat rooms, ask questions, meet new friends, and engage in new perceptions. 




Pass Perks


With a Bliss Pass, you have access to private pass holder perks, such as:

  • New content monthly

  • Live-streamed classes

  • Video chat Q&A discussions

  • One complimentary breath activation download monthly

  • Access to our Affiliate Membership to generate income while furthering your self development.


We will be offering the Bliss Pass at a discount during the beta launch of our platform. This discount won't be available forever. You can sign up today for free to ensure your 50% lifetime discounted pass price is intact once we go live.


Are you ready to start your journey to Inner Bliss today?



Inner Bliss Sanctuary is a non-profit community, mindful and dedicated to the vision of sustainable living.


Our mission is to build a thriving community where we connect people who are passionate about sharing their gifts in the arts and in higher self development.  


We provide a sacred space for those who are ready to discover new passions. We see each human as a whole and pure light being on a path of remembering. 

When we take the time to notice our stillness, our passions and abilities unfold. We can then uplift our lives in little and big ways. We hope you enjoy your online Sanctuary experience.  

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