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​​Welcome to yOUR Inner Bliss Sanctuary.


A truly sacred space built on love with a vision for a sustainable reality for all! At the INnerBliss Sanctuary, you will discover true heart-centered SOUL offerings!  This includes inspired art, education, one-on-one sessions, group workshops, on-demand content, advanced trainings, and healthy alternatives delivered by a myriad of dedicated artists, teachers and guides!  Please journey through the sacredness of yOUR online sanctuary for total INnerBliss.


New Earth Harmony Project

The New Earth Harmony Project was birthed at the most auspicious time in history; recreating and harmonizing a reality based in love.  Coming together as ONE people creating anew, on land and online. 

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 Teacher's Memberships










Embrace the Flow

Integrate your body through many ways of movement, becoming more flexible in mind and body. 

Harmonizing In Our Co-Creation

Join our raffles and auctions.  Support the Vision and Community. 

We all Thrive Together

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Find support and guidance for your birthing experience.

New Birth Paradigm is Here

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 Frequency Healing

Raise your vibration and heal your body through this advanced healing tool.  Through this innovated science you can heal your mind/body/spirit complex with  state-of-the-art frequency  technology


INner BLISS Sanctuary is a 501c3 nonprofit entity.  We are a mindful community dedicated to the vision of sustainable living by building a thriving community.  We connect people who are passionate about their gifts to those who are discovering their own.  We see each human as a whole and pure light being.  When we take the time to notice our stillness, our passions and abilities unfold; then, we can uplift our lives in little and big ways.  We hope you enjoy our online Sanctuary experience.  

Deepen Your Practice

Discover or deepen your passion in meditation, energy & breath activation, as well as mindful modalities.

Mindful Programs, Sound Healing, Energy Work, Frequency Healing, Advanced Breathwork,  Akashic Record Reading and more

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Love Your Food

Food is nature’s medicine.  Find out more about how food and healing connect.  Oh boy, are you ready to fall In love with food?  This channel is filled with yummy ways to love your body and connect with your food. Meet vegan chefs, nutritionists, herbalists and so many more plant educators.  Enjoy all types of classes, courses and on-demand education opportunities all based on the beautiful gift provided to us from nature.



Connect With Visual Artists and Musicians

Embrace the beauty of life with a myriad of dedicated visual artists and musicians.  


Immerse yourself in a community of creativity. 

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