​​Welcome to Inner Bliss Sanctuary!


A truly sacred space built on love, with a vision of a sustainable reality for all! At the Inner Bliss Sanctuary, you will discover true heart-centered SOUL offerings!  This includes inspired art, higher learning, one-on-one sessions, group workshops, on-demand content, advanced training, and healthy alternatives, all delivered by a myriad of dedicated artists, teachers and guides! 

Inner Bliss is Your Sacred Space to...

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Yoga Classes - Meditation - Creative Healing Courses - Soul Body Reset Sessions

Our sanctuary offers a wide range of classes and courses available at your fingertips to remember the art of slowing down, engaging in stillness, and embracing your ability to be.

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Yoga Training - Ministry Training - Reiki Mastery Training - Interactive Live Art Classes

Looking for inspiration to dive deeper into your passion? Our dynamic trainings are the perfect opportunity to turn your passion into income to thrive with joy. 



Home School Mentorship - Intentional Relationship Sessions - Conscious Childbirth Series - Breath Activations

There is a fine balance between being and thriving that creates a deeper sense of wholeness. The Inner Bliss Sanctuary is your place of remembering, to expand your daily practices and connect skills that can optimize any situation in life!

The Inner Bliss Sanctuary is a virtual community for Instructors and Explorers to connect.

Instructors are leaders sharing their passion and Explorers are leaders unlocking their potential.

Our intention is to empower every Explorer to unlock their potential to become Instructors, and Instructors to explore other areas to expand further.

Share Your Passion

Host sessions and on-demand courses

Upload on-demand videos

Stream your classes live

Personalize your online space


unlock your potential

Learn from the masters

Connect with the community

Participate in live group events

Buy art, sessions, and courses

Raffles & Auctions

We all THRIVE together!

Join our raffles and auctions.  Support the vision and community. 

Valued at $85, get a chance to win this beautiful, handcrafted, acrylic painted and resin laminate clock as low as just $1.00 in this raffle.

Open to all instructors, students and non-members.

By: Polly Charette



Inner Bliss Sanctuary is a non-profit community, mindful and dedicated to the vision of sustainable living.


Our mission is to build a thriving community where we connect people who are passionate about sharing their gifts in the arts and in higher self development.  


We provide a sacred space for those who are ready to discover new passions. We see each human as a whole and pure light being on a path of remembering. 

When we take the time to notice our stillness, our passions and abilities unfold. We can then uplift our lives in little and big ways. We hope you enjoy your online Sanctuary experience.  

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