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Thank you for listening to your soul!

Let us come together to support a vision of a New Earth that is TRULY sustainable for ALL BEings.

Stepping into our creative Expressions, sharing them with the world, and Connecting to our INner Bliss.


Benefits of being an instructor or artist at the Sanctuary:


  • Build a steady stream of passive income.

  • Access to top of the line course building platform for Live, pre-recorded, & one-on-one capability. 

  • Step by step easy to use structure. 

  • You can upload your course or build it on the platform!

  • Your own design,  for your unique landing page

  • Join a community of like-minded souls to network, collaborate and build.      

  • Join a private on-line community platform where you can engage with everyone, promote your offerings, connect and chat in private groups and gain a more personal connection. 

  • Post products and personal art in the Sanctuary Store.    

  • Gives you priority spots at any festivals, gatherings or retreats we host. 

  • BEing a member also includes you in any upcoming rollouts of New Earth Project, if you so desire. ​

How the Flow works:

It is Free to join.

Instructors/Artists keep 67% and 33% goes to the cause (of all classes and products offered).

​To join is easy! 

Just click the link below to register and we will follow up via email if your work feels aligned to the mission and set up yOUR  registration Call.

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