Operation Golden Roots

"Let's ReROOT the EARTH Together" Who wants to buy us our first community gift to the land? One of you? All of you? Plant a piece of your heart?


The Sanctuary is our first launch in Activating Awareness and creating a sustainable reality for all.

A few others include:


New Earth Land Project Support

Supporting New Earth land projects by getting hands on the ground and heARTS online.

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Commmunity Events

Let us inspire one another, share with each other, heal together, grow together, love one another, communicate effectively and BE free to live authentically in OUR full expressions.

We transform our entire event into an exciting scavenger hunt! It is a  full hands-on experience with an interactive way of learning what G.A.M.M.A. is all about! (Gratitude, Art, Music, Movement, Awareness) 

Meet a dynamic group of loving souls who have a passion for evolution, and take action to empower those around them to be their most authentic selves. 



Through this platform, we offer a variety of ways to support others on their path to self-actualization.


Support all 3 Areas

100% of your donation will go directly to the area you donate to.