New Earth Harmony Project...

It is now that we must UNITE as One people. 


WE come together to share OUR gifts, passions and visions highlighting a NEW, magical way to BE.


Holding hands in solidarity.


The New Earth Harmony Project is here to harmonize, uplift and illuminate a way HOME.


Home within yOURself, home on this planet and home amongst ALL BEings. 


A reality that will heighten yOUR awareness, tickle yOUR soul and pull on yOUR heART strings.


When each ONE of US creates our best self, we actively create a world of harmony.


We understand that we are all one.


ONE cohesive unit intricately weaved through space and time. 


The heART of the DIVINE. 

Each affecting the whole. 

Our Mission with the New Earth Harmony Project is to restore balance on this planet through every vibration, every word, every thought and every action. 


WE build solutions through conscious/ sustainable communities, harmonizing frequencies, light transmissions, sacred gatherings, and an absolutely Divine online platform that connects us and our talents, worldwide.


We are excited to embark on this journey together. 


Welcome home.





The Sanctuary is our first launch in Activating Awareness and creating a sustainable reality for all.

A few others include:

Supporting New Earth land projects by getting hands on the ground and heARTS online.

New Earth Land Project Support

All donations that are made here will go directly toward the co-mmunity build of Dreamweaver Sanctuary, Taos NM.  Our first goal is getting our team to the sanctuary.  Funds collected will go towards travel, food and gas.  Once we are there, it will feed all those helping 3x/day.


FUN FACT: We will also BE building a study and research center for the children. More to come.  Thank you, endlessly.​​​

Let us inspire one another, share with each other, heal together, grow together, love one another, communicate effectively and BE free to live authentically in OUR full expressions.

We transform our entire event into an exciting scavenger hunt! It is a  full hands-on experience with an interactive way of learning what G.A.M.M.A. is all about! (Gratitude, Art, Music, Movement, Awareness) 

Meet a dynamic group of loving souls who have a passion for evolution, and take action to empower those around them to be their most authentic selves. 

Commmunity Events

This is a way to bring together all of the local, mindful living community members to meet, thrive and optimize together. The intention for these events is to bring the community together in celebration of our individual gifts! 

Donate here if you want to support our 2021-2022 Events.  You will be notified as the progress of the events unfolds.  Donations will go towards location, activities, food and all other needs to set the event.  The more we raise the easier it is to keep these events low cost for the community.   

Through this platform, we offer a variety of ways to support others on their path to self-actualization.



One of our passions is watching others unlock their soul gifts.  Take part in igniting someone's soul flame. 



Please donate here if supporting someone in this way feels aligned for you.  

100% of your donation will go directly to the area you donate to.

Support all 3 Areas

If you are feeling called to all 3 areas of the project then you can donate here, and your donation will be split evenly between all 3 areas!! 

Thank you for BEing!


Cheers to the journey we embark on NOW, together!

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