Gaia Matric: 

Gaia Matrix, reveals the harmonic patterns of biogeologic consciousness that underlie North American history, culture, and spiritual evolution. These discoveries show the extraordinary degree to which humanity responds to the living intelligence of the Earth. In 1993, Peter Champoux discovered a regionwide geometry in the geographic and spiritual profile of the Northeastern United States. Centered in the hills of western Massachusetts, Gaia Matrix is a revelation of sacred landscape that spans the continent. The sites and lines within the geometry show patterns and cycles of human culture, history, and spirit. Cycles have witnessed the outbreak of the American Revolution, westward expansion, the rise of America as a world power and the emerging wisdom culture, the next cycle of American evolution.. Discoveror of the Arkhom geomatrix, and related landscape patterns across the continent, Peter a stone mason, award-winning sculptor, graphic artist and visionary, is a longtime student of Geo sciences, world religions, and sacred geometry."Arkhom is a flower of life, a rose of the world celebrating our planetary- point perspective




Gaiagraphy is a new art and science melding geophysical, celestial, and spiritual dynamics revealing a living sacred Earth. In the Ark of Antero Peter Champoux explores the living landscape of the Colorado Plateau; its history, geology, ecology and people; giving us a fresh vision of this mountainous arid land. Jumping off aquamarine studded Mount Antero at the head of southern Colorado’s San Luis Valley the reader is given a new world view of this beautiful land in the sky. In this little book Native American history and mythic landscape is brought into context with the patterned dynamics of our living Earth. Crossed my Ley Lines, encompassed by Earth Rings, and centered on Center Colorado;  the Ark of Antero is revealed as America’s premier sacred landscape.


Moon Rivers: 

“Moon-rings ‘round moon-rivers impart a unified vision reflected in Earth’s flowing waters, returning its liquid light to its sun-sourced beginnings. From deep underground to celestial orbs, water manifests body and spirit—an Earth spirit. We are a water planet whose water-filled skies start at our feet flowing as one water and destination back to the Source, with Earth’s moon-rivers grounding the flow of its grace from Sun to Moon to the lives of Men.”


All Three Books By: Peter Champoux

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